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Case Study: Enhancing Apartment Living with On-Demand Handyman Services


Urban Living Apartments, a well-established property management company with multiple apartment complexes, faced challenges in providing efficient maintenance and repair services to its tenants. 

They encountered:

  1. Maintenance Backlog: An increasing number of maintenance requests were leading to a backlog, resulting in tenant dissatisfaction and prolonged repair times.

  2. Tenant Satisfaction: Tenant satisfaction scores were declining due to delayed responses and repairs.

  3. Resource Management: Managing a team of in-house maintenance staff proved costly and ineffective in handling fluctuating workloads.

  4. Emergency Response: The absence of a reliable system for emergency repairs left tenants inconvenienced in urgent situations.


Urban Living Apartments partnered with [Your Handyman on Demand], a leading provider of on-demand maintenance and repair services. Here’s how we addressed their challenges:

  1. On-Demand Service App: We developed a customized mobile app for Urban Living Apartments, allowing tenants to submit maintenance requests and track their status in real time. This reduced the workload on property management staff and improved transparency.

  2. Skilled Handyman Network: We built a network of skilled handymen, including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and general maintenance professionals, who were available on-demand.

  3. Emergency Response System: A dedicated 24/7 hotline was established for emergency repairs, ensuring a rapid response in urgent situations.

  4. Task Assignment Algorithm: We developed an algorithm to assign tasks to the most qualified handyman in the network, ensuring timely and high-quality repairs.


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After partnering with Advanced Access Staff , Urban Living Apartments achieved significant improvements:

  1. Reduced Maintenance Backlog: The on-demand service app streamlined maintenance request submissions and allowed for quicker response times. The backlog was reduced by 40%.

  2. Enhanced Tenant Satisfaction: Tenant satisfaction scores improved by 25% as repairs were completed more promptly and transparently.

  3. Cost Savings: Urban Living Apartments reduced maintenance staffing costs by 30% by transitioning to on-demand services.

  4. Emergency Response: The 24/7 emergency response hotline ensured that urgent repairs were addressed within hours, improving tenant safet

By partnering with  Advanced Access Staff, Urban Living Apartments transformed its maintenance and repair operations. The on-demand service app, skilled handyman network, and emergency response system allowed them to provide efficient, cost-effective, and responsive maintenance services. Tenants experienced improved living conditions, leading to higher satisfaction and tenant retention rates.

If you’re in the property management business and facing challenges in providing efficient maintenance and repair services to your tenants, Advanced Access Staff  can help streamline your operations. Contact us to explore how our on-demand handyman services can enhance tenant satisfaction and operational efficiency in your apartment complexes.